Create your Will in 10 mins, protect your family’s future.

Let your Will express your wishes.

Document your wishes

State exactly what should happen to your crypto assets so your family can have peace of mind, when the time comes.

Allocate Beneficiaries

You choose who gets what and how much. Easily reallocate beneficiaries as you wish.

Assign Executors

Choose a responsible person to distribute your crypto assets and ensure that your last wishes are fulfilled after you’re gone.

Leave a legacy and protect your family’s future.

What is your legacy? How do you protect it?

Leaving a Legacy

Your legacy, including your digital legacy, consists of all that you’ve built over the years. Your properties, your online activities, your beliefs, and more! By letting your loved ones share your crypto & NFT assets, you pass on your legacy for future generations to benefit from.

Decide your last wishes

How much of your crypto assets do you wish to leave to your family members? What portion of your assets would you like to leave to your family? Who chooses which assets are inherited in an emergency? Your Last Will can address all these concerns.

Protect your family’s future

You immediately assure that all of your possessions are legally safeguarded when you create and legalise a Will. By barring third parties from deciding where your assets go and who manages them, this ensures the future of your family is safeguarded.

How it works

  1. Setting uSign up with Cryptolegacy.aip the account
    Answer a few questions and complete your profile in seconds to create your Crypto Will in less than 10 minutes.
  2. Create your last will
    Fill out your will with a guided step-by-step process. Upload it on blockchain to prevent external threats and print it and sign it in front of witnesses.

Commonly Asked Questions

Crypto Will is an online will specifically designed to help you write your wishes regarding your crypto assets with ease

Once your Crypto Will is created, it is uploaded as a hash on blockchain to prevent tampering or hacking.
Crypto Will ensures your wealth will be passed on to your loved ones according to your wishes and helps make the probate process easier.
We don’t store secrets anywhere. Not on your device, not in the cloud, not with Recovery Agents