Hacker & Quantum Resistant, MPC Powered Self-Custody Vault for seed phrases crypto keys Passwords Confidentia Information

Secure your digital assets and ensure their easy inheritance by the next generation with a secure solution that covers cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other digital assets.

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You don’t need to leave your digital assets behind

Protect your Digital Assets and Simplify Inheritance of your Cryptocurrency Assets with Cryptolegacy's Suite of Services.

Secrets Vault shielded by LokBlok
Cryptolegacy’s Secrets Vault is the ultimate secure storage solution for cryptocurrency owners, investors, and professional traders seeking the utmost security for their digital assets. With advanced security features such as live ID validation and multi-sigs, the Secrets Vault ensures that only authorized individuals can access the stored data, protecting sensitive information like seed phrases and private keys from all kinds of threats, including hackers and malware. With Cryptolegacy’s recovery service, you can be assured that your digital assets are safe even in case of data loss. 
Crypto Will
With Crypto Will, secure your crypto legacy by outlining how your digital assets should be handled and distributed after you pass away. By designating trustworthy guardians, you can ensure that your cryptocurrency wealth is inherited by the right people and prevent your assets from becoming stranded or lost on the blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are stored in digital wallets, which are secured with private keys. When you die, your private keys will be lost with you, unless you have made arrangements to share them with someone else. A crypto will allows you to designate a trusted guardian who will have access to your private keys after you die.

Protect Your Crypto Legacy: Safeguard Your Digital Assets and Inherit Them to the Right People.

1. Are you worried about your cryptocurrency exchange not dealing with deceased accounts?

Take charge of your assets with Crypto Will – create it in just 60 seconds and designate your beneficiaries today!

2. Have you made provisions for your internet accounts in case of your absence?

Ensure that your trusted ones know what to do with your online accounts even when you’re gone. Grant them authorized access with Crypto Legacy.

3. Want complete control and flexibility over your digital assets?

Keep your seed phrases and private keys secure without needing any custody. Crypto Legacy has got you covered!

4. Don't know how to transfer your digital and crypto assets?

No worries, Crypto Legacy has the perfect solution. Create a SMART contract-powered estate plan that guarantees a smooth transfer to your chosen beneficiaries.

Your Assets Deserve the Best: Our State-of-the-Art Security Measures

Our topmost priority is to make sure that our users feel safe regarding their seed phrases, private keys and more. We don't SEE, TOUCH or HOLD your assets in any form.

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Frequently Asked Questions is a smart-contract powered inheritance platform that empowers crypto investors to take control of their crypto wealth in the smartest way. 
Cryptolegacy enables you to create an estate plan for your crypto assets ensuring that they are never lost in case of an emergency.
The estate laws haven’t caught up to the crypto market yet, making it difficult to deal with them when the time comes. Creating an estate plan ensures your family doesn’t face agony and frustration in the long run and keeps your crypto assets from being lost forever. doesn’t hold your crypto assets in any form. We do not hold them nor do we have access to them. Only YOU do. We use beyond bank-grade security, completely decentralized making it impossible to hack through.
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