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Frequently Asked Questions

Crypto Legacy is a service created by Clocr, Inc., to protect and recover a customer’s digital assets, associated Secrets or Keys, and securely transfer them to a Trustee upon an asset owner’s death using a patent-pending provably secure system using Recovery Agents.
Crypto Legacy offers
1. Secrets Vault service to recover BIP39 seed phrases using Recovery Agents.
2. I.C.E. Vault to securely store and recover your most sensitive digital assets; and
Crypto Will to define beneficiaries and securely transfer and recover the Secret or Key and digital asset.

Nowhere. We cryptographically burn the Secrets when the asset owner enrolled it using a combination of the asset owner’s device and public data created with the assistance of the Recovery Agents.

Secrets Vault is a self-custody and recovery solution for Secrets and Keys used to access digital assets. The first release is focused on protecting and recovering BIP39 seed phrases for software and hardware crypto wallets.

Unlike other advertised personal crypto security solutions, we secure and recover these Secrets WITHOUT taking your Secret and encrypting, splitting, and distributing pieces to your friends and family’s mobile devices to safeguard!

Secrets Vault harnesses’s patent-pending service that uniquely combines the power of multiple proven cryptographic algorithms to split “secrets” in a distributed recoverable way and ensures no single person or service holds any of the secret splits.

We leverage a customer’s trusted network of people or devices to create Recovery Agents for any Secret or Key without anyone but YOU, and YOU ALONE, having access to the Secret or Key to access your crypto.

Only the Secrets owner is in control of knowing the Secrets they have enrolled, and the Recovery Agents and threshold set for each Secret.

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