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MPC-powered, Zero Trust Inheritance Vault for
Seed Phrases  Passwords NFTs  Art work  all digital assets

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Quantum and hacker-resistant vault for self-custody owners.

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Demand Unbeatable Security

Multi-party computation (MPC) technology

Shamir’s Secrets Algorithm

Elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) algorithm

AES 256 Encryption

AI powered Biometric ID Validation

Leave a legacy and protect your family’s future.

$250 million in crypto was lost along

with his crypto passwords forever- Gerald William Cotton

$321 million worth of Bitcoin was lost

because he lost his password- Stefan Thomas

Provide an Effective Inheritance Plan

While hot and cold wallets serve their purpose, you need the guidance of an expert matched with the perfect solution to plan for your inheritance.

Inheritance Planning Made Infinitely Easier

Designate your primary and backup trustees who can take ownership of your vault when the time comes.

How it works

  1. Setting up the account
    Set up your account and appoint a minimum of 3 loved ones as Recovery Agents (RAs).
  2. Configure your MPC Quorum
    After a minimum of three Recovery Agents have accepted the request, set the minimum quorum and finalise the Agents.
  3. Enrolling secrets
    Once MPC configuration is completed, enroll the secrets.
  4. Set up Inheritance
    You can set up an inheritance for each of your vaults.  A simple 5-step workflow enables you to designate your trusses, beneficiaries and asset distribution for the vault.

Most advanced vault on the planet. and have partnered to create the most advanced vault, boasting unparalleled security measures that make it virtually unbreakable, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable assets.
The Lokblok team has worked at the forefront of hardware-based security engineering for more than two decades and offers ‘Security as a Service’ platform to offer the latest in private key generation and management to secure blockchain applications such as digital asset self-custody.

Lokblok team’s achievements:

Best-in-class AI Powered ID Validation

CryptoLegacy partnered with Hyperverge, a global provider of KYC/AML services, operating in over 140 countries. As an ISO27001-certified and GDPR/CCPA-compliant organization, HyperVerge utilizes proprietary technology to deliver exceptional results. Hyperverge’s FaceMatch engine is recognized as best-in-class, achieving top rankings on NIST leaderboards. HyperVerge processed over 750 million identities in the last three years, making them the largest ID verification player globally. 

They love it, you will too!

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Commonly Asked Questions

MPC (Multi-party Computation) secret sharing is a technique that divides a secret input into shares and distributes them among multiple parties (we call them as Recovery Agents). This method is used to protect the input’s privacy and security. Shamir’s secret sharing is a common method used for this purpose. Here, the input is divided into n shares (equal to the number of Recovery Agents), and the owner sets a minimum threshold of shares required to reconstruct the original input.Each share is then given to the Recovery Agent, ensuring that no one party has access to the entire input. When the original input needs to be reconstructed, the shares are combined using polynomial interpolation. At least the minimum threshold of shares is required to reconstruct the original input.

In MPC secret sharing, the owner of the secret divides the input into encrypted shards and distributes them among the Recovery Agents. The owner can then request the shards from the agents, uses cryptographic algorithm to combine them to reconstruct the original input when needed.

In summary, MPC secret sharing allows the owner to divide their input into shards, distribute them among the Recovery Agents, and reconstruct the original input by combining the shards using a cryptographic algorithm.

At Crypto Legacy, we apply additional layers of process to protect and safeguard secrets. To learn more about how we use MPC for secret protection, please visit our website.

Secrets Vault is a self-custody and recovery solution for Secrets and Keys used to access digital assets. The first release is focused on protecting and recovering BIP39 seed phrases for software and hardware crypto wallets. Unlike other advertised personal crypto security solutions, we secure and recover these Secrets WITHOUT taking your Secret and encrypting, splitting, and distributing pieces to your friends and family’s mobile devices to safeguard! Secrets Vault Shielded by Lokblok brings together the vast experience of the Team developing products, systems, and services to protect national level digital Secrets with provably secure cryptography to guarantee “My Key, My Asset”. We leverage a customer’s trusted network of people or devices to create Recovery Agents for any Secret or Key without anyone but YOU, and YOU ALONE, having access to the Secret or Key to access your crypto.

According to an NBC poll, a fifth of all Americans has used crypto and there are over eighty million crypto wallets worldwide. With so many people invested in crypto, it is extremely important to understand how to protect the keys to use these wallets. It is reported that there have been over one hundred high-volume hacks worldwide to date that affect almost all crypto investors. The problem of protecting wallets is so important that the US Federal Government issued a warning letter to the banks in January 2023 advising them about the risks of hacks,

Joint Statement on Crypto-Asset Risks to Banking Organizations (

It is a fact that crypto is both difficult and cumbersome to store securely! People often leave their wallet keys in the cloud, where it becomes a huge collective target for hackers, or as a picture stored on their computer, or printed on paper and put away. If the Secret is stored in the cloud, you have given access to the Cloud Service Provider who has the keys as well as a trove on online hackers. And if a person is safeguarding it themselves, people are careless and can accidentally lose it or have devices that store it fail.

Lokblok is the security partner providing the patent-pending provably secure key management service to the Crypto Legacy offerings. The Lokblok Team has worked together for over 20 years solving difficult problems to protect keys, digital assets, data at rest, and data in transit for Government, financial, and enterprise customers.

The patent-pending recovery service uses the public data created and stored during the destruction process in combination with a minimum threshold of Recovery Agents defined by the asset owner to help them recover the Secret on the asset owner’s device.

No! Secrets Vault is a non-custodial service and we do not store the seed phrase or any part of the Secret anywhere in the system in any form.

Nowhere. We cryptographically burn the Secrets when the asset owner enrolled it using a combination of the asset owner’s device and public data created with the assistance of the Recovery Agents.

Lokblok’s key management system for Secrets Vault is a non-custodial service that combines the power of proven cryptographic algorithms, protocols, and standards that include Shamir’s Secret Sharing algorithm, Multi-party Computation, AES-256, public key cryptography, Elliptic Curve Diffie Helman (ECDH), to create a revolutionary way to backup and restore Secrets and Keys.

The service also uses remote attestation and KYC and/or LiveID to verify and validate asset owners and Recovery Agents.

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