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What Is A Crypto Whale?

crypto whale

The digital currency era and its influence is gradually turning into a much-sought platform for investors who like to play in big and want to gain big as well. And this helped the crypto market gain worldwide acceptance and great popularity in a short time. Since its inception, the platform has come with several excellent and unique trading features like decentralization, fast transactions, etc., for the advantage of the investors, irrespective of any boundary of regions.

With new additions of unique features, new terms also come that help crypto users identify things easily. And “cryptocurrency whales” is one of them. It is only sometimes typical for a crypto user to know everything happening in the crypto platforms. But if you are a crypto investor who wants to excel in your trading skill and monitor how the crypto market works, then you must know about the cryptocurrency whales to profit from this platform.

Cryptocurrency whales are an essential part of the crypto marketplace that can influence the crypto value, the market price, and even the ability to manipulate the market. But before going deep into how that happens, you first know who these whales are or what it means. So if you are wondering are whales good for crypto, here is everything you must know about whales, so let’s begin.

What Are Whales?

As we know, whales are mammals, but this is not the same whale from the ocean in the crypto world, although the term originated means the same. In the crypto world, whales own a large amount of cryptocurrency. This whale can be an individual, an organization, or a crypto whale group.

Simply put, these whale people own a subsequent amount of the 10 percent of the produced crypto coins, and this much ownership gives them the capability to influence the market value of the cryptocurrency highly.

Whales can set up their required sell and purchase wall of a specified crypto coin by holding a large amount of cryptocurrency. In the whole scenario, the whales do not disclose their identity and prefer to operate without appearing personally in the crypto market; however, it often happens every time a whale makes a transaction. Whale watchers warn the crypto market to make it public through the whale crypto Twitter.

The community of the crypto world addresses an entity or any individual with the term “whale” when they see a large amount of cryptocurrency in that person’s account.

The community keeps a close watch on the movement of such accounts, as this can impact the price value significantly. Nonetheless, only some accounts with a significant crypto holding are considered a whale, as people can transfer their crypto coins to other currencies. If the coins are kept for a long time in such whale accounts, it dramatically affects the value wall of the price as it impacts the coin flow, which creates pressure in the crypto marketplace.

How Many BTC Make You A Whale?

As mentioned earlier, a whale can be any person (that is, an individual), organization, or even an exchange platform. To become a whale, you must hold a considerable amount of cryptocurrency in your wallet. The cryptocurrency should be a specific one. For instance, if you want to become a whale by holding Bitcoin, then more than a total of 1 thousand bitcoin will do that.

However, it is essential to remember that having a large amount will only make you a whale if you can impact the market or the community. If you own 10 percent of the total bitcoin production flow and can influence or control the price value of the crypto coin, then you will be considered a whale.

How Do Whales Make Money On Crypto?

The whales can control the crypto market value with many coins in their holding. So, they set the walls as per their requirement. They do it in two ways:

Pumping the price: If a whale wants to sell cryptos at a considerably high price, he sets a buy wall by placing a vast “buy order” at a higher rate pressuring the market (here, the bidders) to increase its price more than the current one. This lets the whale sell their coins at a desired price.

Suppressing the price: Whales do this when they want to purchase coins, such as killer whale crypto, at a cheaper rate. They manipulate the market price of a crypto coin by setting up a sell wall and placing a huge “sell order” at a rate lower than the ongoing one. This also makes other bidders lower their rates to sell their coins before the whales.

Once this happens, the whales do this repeatedly until enough panic is created in the market and the price reaches their expected level. Then they withheld their sell order and purchased a massive amount of crypto coins to have more power in their hands.

More cryptos are now on the rise that the whales are keen on holding. Some of those cryptos are lunar whale crypto, whale room crypto, whale killer crypto, etc.

How Much Money Do You Need To Be A Whale In Crypto?

There is no specified amount for becoming a whale in cryptocurrency, as it varies depending on the crypto coins one wants to hold. However, as discussed earlier, for Bitcoin, one must have a minimum of 1 thousand bitcoins to become a whale. One can check the crypto whale website for more details on different cryptos.

Who Is The Biggest Crypto Whale?

Although most whales prefer to work hiddenly, it is not easy to identify a whale often; however, according to the crypto whales list, Brian Armstrong, Sam Bankman-Fried, and Micheal Saylor are currently considered the giant crypto whales in the crypto world.

How do you spot a crypto whale?

One can spot a crypto whale when one sees a crypto wallet making a huge transaction to exchange or another wallet. It would indicate that a change will happen in the market soon, and one should act accordingly to avoid loss. If you are wondering how to see what crypto whales are buying, several online tools can help you track these activities; one such tool is whale alert crypto.

How Much Ethereum Is A Whale?

In the case of Ethereum, as per the data of the crypto whale chart, an investor can be called a crypto whale if they hold a minimum of 1 million dollars in Ethereum.

Do Whales Affect Crypto?

Crypto whales can affect the crypto market significantly. So if you are wondering if whales are good for crypto or not, well, it is difficult to put it that way mainly because whales are a big part of the whole crypto marketplace, as they can raise the price or drop the value of a crypto coin at the same time, influencing the market greatly in no time.

How Do Whales Manipulate Bitcoin?

As a holder of a large amount of cryptocurrency, the whales can also control the price of bitcoin. They manipulate the market value of Bitcoin by setting a “sell wall” for purchasing bitcoin at a very cheap rate. And to sell the same crypto at a higher rate, they set up a “buy wall” and manipulated the rate by placing a vast “buy order” to increase the market price of bitcoin at the same time.


To conclude, a crypto whale can be an individual or an organization of investors who comes together and firms a whale to influence the coin’s value by setting a particular purchase or selling wall in the crypto market. It heavily affects the other investors as a sudden transaction from a whale account can significantly drop or raise the price value. And comparably, small investors can lose big in crypto investments if they don’t keep an eye on such activities.

Now that you know what a crypto whale is and how such an account holder can impact the crypto market value of a specific crypto coin, it is up to you to stake in your cryptos wisely to avoid any unnecessary loss and gain big in the market.

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